Stitch patternPatron: HRH Princess Alexandra, the Hon. Lady OgilvyHelp Us to Help OthersThe Guild was set up in 1882 by Lady Wolverton who was asked by the Matron of an orphanage in Dorset to provide 24 pairs of hand knitted socks and 12 jerseys for the children. This request gave Lady Wolverton the idea of starting a small Guild amongst her friends to each knit not less than 2 garments a year to help the orphanage and other Charities in need of clothing. This small Guild has grown over the last 125 years and now distributes yearly, over 25,000 items of new clothing for men, women, children as well as household linen via relevant Charities to the sick and needy in the UK. Today, we remain the longest standing multidenominational Charity providing this service.

We still receive many knitted and handmade items from all over the country and we also purchase additional garments and linen from warehouses and high street shops with donations. We never know what we will receive and never cease to be amazed at the generosity of our Groups and supporters.

Stitch pattern

Donations and fundraising
Girls fundraising

Fund raising is obviously an on going process. Donations of money are specifically used to purchase required items of clothing or linen from various warehouses.

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Stitch pattern

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