Duke of Edinburgh’s Award


In May 2014 QMCG was granted Approved Activity Provider status by the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme. This means that participants who are between 14 and 24 may volunteer for QMCG for their Volunteering Section.


3 or 6 months – Young people must do one of their Volunteering, Physical or Skills sections for 6 months, the others for 3.


6 or 12 months – Young people who haven’t achieved Bronze must extend their Volunteering or the longer of their Physical or Skills sections to 12 months.


12 or 18 months – Young people who haven’t achieved Silver must extend their Volunteering or the longer of their Physical or Skills sections to 18 months.

Before you start volunteering for QMCG you need to research and plan your volunteering experience and set your objectives. You need to work out what you will do, where you will do it and for how long, a suitable Assessor must be agreed. Your DofE Leader will help you ensure you meet the requirements. You can plan several activities or events or work towards one really big event.

We have prepared a list of fundraising activities you can use for inspiration, some of them can be carried out during lunch breaks at school so you can volunteer with QMCG from Bronze level onwards. Choose activities or events that you’ll enjoy and that you think will appeal to other people in your school or group. You could organise a knitting, crochet or sewing group, learning a new skill and sell the items that you make. Parents, grandparents and teachers could help you with this, as could local craft groups.

When you raise funds for QMCG you are volunteering to help literally hundreds of people of all ages. If you decide what you would like to buy with the money you have raised then talk to us and we can arrange to buy these items, such as sleeping bags for the homeless or items for a neo-natal unit in hospital.

We welcome new schools and other voluntary groups participating in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme wherever they are located to contact our Schools’ Coordinator at schools@qmcg.org.uk


Thank you for helping us to help others.

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