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Join a local group

You may join a group in your area with a view to donating some garments every year or help with the sewing or knitting of various garments, please contact the Secretary at and she will let you know where your nearest group is.

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Start a new group

We are very keen for people to start a new group among their family, friends and work colleagues.

As the organiser of the new group you will become a President, and as such will be invited to our AGM held every year in London. You will also be asked to deliver any items of clothing or linen that you have collected over the year to St James’ Palace in early autumn, where we sort and redistribute them all. Of course, a group could just do fund raising for the purchase of items and not have to be present at either event.

Here are some ideas for starting and running a group;

  • Pay an annual subscription
  • Attendance at the Annual General Meeting – optional
  • Attendance at Packing Week – also optional, but contributions need to be delivered to St James’s Palace
  • Promote the work/aims of the Guild whenever and wherever possible: hand out leaflets; write in local parish magazines; give short talks to organizations (if so inclined!) tell others about us
  • Provide as many items as possible – but if it is only a few, that is more than acceptable. Ask friends/colleagues/guests to donate just one or two garments a year (knitted/sewn/bought), or give a small cash donation
  • Hold Coffee Mornings and/or fundraise if so desired – but not essential

Please let the Secretary know about your activities and she can update the news part of this website and the QMCG Facebook page.

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Join the Schools Group

We will welcome new Schools into our Schools Group wherever they are located.

To receive a School’s Pack or to have our Schools Representative visit your school, contact the Schools’ Coordinator at

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Fund raising is obviously an on going process. Donations of money are specifically used to purchase required items of clothing or linen from various warehouses.

If you wish to donate, and are a UK taxpayer, we are able to reclaim tax on your donation. Download a Gift Aid form.

If you have any new items of clothing or linen that you wish to donate, please contact the Secretary at and she will let you know how best to get it to us, via a local President if possible to save on postage.

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Make a dontation



Many of our groups have large numbers of knitters who make the vast majority of the hats, scarves, bed jackets, cardigans, jumpers and baby clothes that we give away each year.

Any new items of clothing or linen are always welcome. In addition should anyone want to knit or make items the following are the main groups of people and the types of hand made items that are most needed for them. Please note all wool should be machine washable and sets of gloves etc should be tacked together

The Homeless

Mainly for men – warm hats, balaclavas, scarves, gloves, fingerless mittens, snoods and any type of jumper. All preferably in dark or neutral colours. Please make sure hats cover ears with no tassels or pompoms.

Men, Women and the Elderly

Men and women – cardigans, bed socks, bed jackets, leg warmers for women. Cardigans, jumpers, gilets/sleeveless jumpers and bedsocks for men.

Please note that we currently have less demand for knee blankets. If knitting groups love knitting or crocheting squares for knee blankets, could we please ask that they are made up into a size that could be used as a bed throw or blanket instead e.g. 6’ x 4’. These have many uses for families and the homeless.

Children aged 6-15

Hats, gloves and scarves and jumpers. If you knit a jumper please make sure the neck opening of jumper is large enough to pull over their head comfortably.

Children aged 2 – 5

Hats, gloves/mittens and scarves are most popular. If you knit a jumper please make sure the neck opening of jumper is large enough to pull over their head comfortably.

Babies up to 2 years old

Cardigans (rather than matinee jackets), Jumpers (with large neck opening) hat and mitten sets, baby bootees. Please tack any matching sets together.
Shawls in soft baby colours – 40” x 40” (1m x 1m) approximately
Buggy blankets – 5’ x 4’ / 5’ (150cm x 120 /150cm) to fold and cocoon babies before putting in the buggies.

Premature Babies

We have a requirement for several items for premature babies in the neonatal units in hospitals. The sizes and materials of these items are very specific, as the babies are very small and their skin very delicate.

  • If possible please use 4 ply for the clothing although DK is acceptable for some hospitals
  • Blankets and shawls are fine in DK
  • Patterns should be smooth and soft – no lumps and bumps
  • Hats, mittens and bootees – no ribbons or ties please.
  • V necked cardigans to fit 12”, 14″ and 16” (30cm and 40cm) in 4ply or DK
  • Tiny blankets from A4 (8.5″ to 11″) for very tiny babies, 4ply wool on 4mm needles
  • White shawls – 24” x 24” (60cm x 60cm)
  • Blankets – 16” x 32” (40cm x 80cm) or  20” x 22”/25” (50cm x 55/62cm)
  • Blankkets – 20″ square (50cm x 50cm)
  • Light blankets, fleeces and quilts – 30” x 30” (75cm x 75cm)
  • Fleeces and quilts – 18” x 18” (45cm x 45cm) very smooth to lie babies on.

For lots of knitting patterns especially designed for premature babies click here: Ray of Hope’s Babywear Patterns

You can print off the Preferred list 2018 and distribute it amongst members of your Group.

Please read and take note of their copyright conditions.


Thank you so much for whatever contribution you are able to make, it will certainly go to a good home.







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