Stitch pattern

QMCG Covid Challenge

In May 2020 QMCG launched a fundraising campaign to provide vital support to our chosen charities during these challenging and uncertain times. We asked our supporters to cover the distance around Great Britain before the end of May – 17,819.88 km (11,072.76 miles) and help to raise £5,000. We chose this challenge as a way of giving a virtual hug to the most vulnerable in our society. In practical terms the money raised will help us buy much needed items to support them from brand new underwear to warm weather clothing for the winter.

With tremendous generosity and enthusiasm from all our supporters, we are thrilled to announce we have now exceeded our original fundraising target and have raised in excess of £8,000! There is still time to donate to this very worthy cause by clicking here.

QMCG supporters taking part in the Covid Challenge

One of our supporters is a talented artist and generously donated her delightful sketch of “Mummy, Tired Monkey and Puppy Walking for Queen Mother’s Clothing Guild”.  We wasted no time turning it into a note card which we are selling to support the Challenge. Please get in touch by emailing if you would like to purchase some cards.

Stitch pattern
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